Category: maps


BeamNG – Burnout Paradise V1.2

Burnout Paradise map mod for BeamNG.Drive A huge map, which is a complete world map from the game Burnout Paradise, transferred to BeamNG. The map is huge and takes a long time to load....


BeamNG – Carkour Chaos Map V0.9

Carkour Chaos map mod for BeamNG.Drive A complex test map that you can play as you want, but there are also rules from the developer. Rules: 1. Take the D15 v8 pickup truck. 2....


BeamNG – Old Village Map

Old Village Map mod for BeamNG.Drive Map of the type of the old village with houses, factories, and abandoned warehouses. My first mod, I’m waiting for ratings. Authors: Sunrs26


BeamNG – Small Town Map

Small Town Map mod for BeamNG.Drive This is a really small map (256×256) located somewhere in Central Europe. Most of the buildings are from East Coast USA, however I’m working on more ‘european’-like. Map...


BeamNG – Location Pik Map

Location Pik Map mod for BeamNG.Drive On this island you will be able to experience your SUV. Authors: BeamNG (BeamNG DRIVE)


BeamNG – Waffle Map

Waffle Map mod for BeamNG.Drive A narrow stretch of waffle patterned …. concrete? It’s fun to play around with, so I thought why not release it. Note: Hard on the FPS!


BeamNG – Twisty Trails Map

Somewhere in the middle of an ocean is an island, which has become a location to visit for some 4WD enthusiasts and their friends whenever they get a chance to do so. Some marks...