Category: Trucks


BeamNG – Tesla Semi 2017 Truck

Tesla Semi 2017 truck mod for BeamNG.Drive There are configurations; There is all-wheel drive; Functioning front and rear lighting; Replaceable body color. Authors: LourdFox


BeamNG – KrAZ-256B1 1978 Truck

KrAZ-256B1 1978 truck mod for BeamNG.Drive – Good damage; – Working dashboard; – Animated gearshift lever; – Animated cardan shafts; – The body rises. Authors: Bagusik


BeamNG – Scania 8×8 Utility Truck

Scania 8×8 Utility truck mod for BeamNG.Drive NEWS: new miniatures, two new configurations, fixed fith wheel and new paints for the configurations. Authors: egonrs