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BeamNG – Apex Expansion Pack

Apex Expansion pack mod for BeamNG.Drive This expansion pack was born because DPMP was messed up so badly i had to start a new config pack from scratch in order to fix the most...


BeamNG – American Road Map 1.2.1

American Road Map mod for BeamNG.Drive American Road is one of the biggest maps for BeamNG.Drive! It’s 120 km^2 and hundreds kilometers of different types of roads! It can take you 40 minutes to drive around whole map! Map is very detailed and realistic!...


BeamNG – Rotech 830 Dozer – v0.9

Rotech 830 Dozer mod for BeamNG.Drive Version 0.9: Increased weight Increased engine torque Added breakable glass Added cockpit camera Added lights Jbeam tweaks as always Authors: MRcrash