BeamNG – Antonov AN-12B

Antonov AN-12B plane mod for BeamNG.Drive

150 animated parts related items!
Possibility of flight with 20,000 kg of loaded cargo.
Turn on the load ramp is attached by means of connectors.
Two guns NR-23 rear (additional part)

There are two options for loading cargo into this aircraft.

Option 1:
you can select predefined loads in partselector. They are tied and not removed.

Option 2:
1. Take the ramp “Antonov an-12 Ramp”
2. Drag it to the back of the plane, close enough to connect the connectors.
3. Attach it to the aircraft using connectors (l key)

Controls the default:

TO lift down
The left Aileron to the left
Right Aileron right
Z / X Rudder + left / right Steering
Y / H extending / retracting valves
+ / – Increase / Decrease throttle (they are next to your number keys)

T Open / close the door
G landing gear retracted / extended
B Wheel brakes (retention)
P Parking brake (switch)

M Engine number 1 for beginners
The COMMA (,) Engine No. 2 Starter
PERIOD.( ) Engine No. 3 Starter
The slash ( / ) Engine № 4 Starter

END to Switch the mode of the Elevator (smooth / straight)
PAGEDOWN Spoiler Switch mode (gradual / straight)
PAGEUP Switch steering mode (gradual / straight)

Weapons of the MOUSE
The space of the weapon
Q Switches Viewfinder

F3/F4 for Previous/next configuration setting
F5/F6 Decrease/increase the setting value of the current configuration

Game Version: BeamNG.Drive
Test: This mod not tested. - File Details: 48.5 MB / Zip
BeamNG – Antonov AN-12B Download Mod

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16 Responses

  1. albertgames says:

    que bonito

  2. Reposho545 says:

    hermoso, solo que no c komo krajos c maneja xdd

  3. Reposho545 says:

    hubieras dejado un tutorial de como manejarlos, algunos aviones se manejan diferentes, .v recién compre esta pc no se como hacer los pacmas, solo c hacer el de un ojo .v
    ya encerio esta re piola hace mas mods, haz del Volkswagen bora, bugatti veyron, creo que es exclusivo y estaría bueno que agas uno, te hablo como si fueras un amigo y hablas ingles xdd

  4. newYoutuber says:

    how do i install that plane? i never had it

  5. ANDY says:

    IT can’t work at newest! It’s outdated! please update!!!

  6. ANDY says:

    I like that plane very much!please update,pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!

  7. Saif Gaming channel says:

    how do you install the mod!?!?!

  8. zbigniew testowy says:

    big mods

  9. srpgn says:

    get in beamng drive from documentary then put it inside mods folder

  10. Ronan says:

    look i have the zip file i pressed the zip file mod antonov 12b then how can i put it in my documents then huh plus about the zip thingy my trial is over i havent evan payed for it like bruh now it wont let me to use zp file anymore 🙁

    • iamlame1 says:

      if you are using winrar you can still use it or use windows explorer or mac os finder it depends on OS and if you use it

  11. dogwater says:

    awwww i cant fly bc it dosent works for the newest beamng drive

  12. BUGGER says:


  13. gg says:

    i want to play

  14. Landon says:

    I cant download it

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