BeamNG – BMW 3-Series G20

BMW 3-Series G20 car mod for BeamNG.Drive

13 Configurations
Tinted glass option

Models available currently
320i , 325Li , 330e , 330i , M340i , Facelift and Alpina B3.

4 Various customizable engine options
2.0L I4 Turbo (320i)
2.0L I4 Turbo & Electric Motor (330e)
3.0L I6 Turbo (M340i)
3.0L I6 Turbo (Alpina B3)

4 Trim levels

3 Custom Grille options
Iconic glow grille
M-Color grille
Blacked grille

11 Various front bumpers
Iconic glow bumpers (M-Sport , Sportline)
M-Color bumpers (M-Sport , Sportline)
Blacked grille bumpers (M-Sport, Sportline)
M-Sport M340i bumper
Custom bumper
Facelift bumper
M-Sport bumper
Sportline bumper

4 Various rear bumpers
Facelift bumper
M-Sport bumper
Sportline bumper
Custom bumper

3 Various trunks
Custom trunk
Custom alt trunk
Alt trunk

1 Custom hood
Blacked hood

2 Custom headlights & 1 Custom taillights
Facelift headlight style
M-Sport headlight style
Smooth taillight style

7 Various seats with different color
Beige , Black , CS Green , White , Red and Race seats

Full PBR materials
Bloom PBR lights
Working gauges
Working Navigator
Colorable interior light

Facelift rear bumper is not fully finished
Guage screen is not fully finished
Jbeam is not fully finished

Authors: BeamNG

Game Version: BeamNG.Drive
Test: This mod tested by - File Details: 159 MB / Zip
BeamNG – BMW 3-Series G20 Download Mod

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