BeamNG – BMW Car Pack

Bmw car pack mod for BeamNG.Drive

Pack of 10 cars BMW E12, E21, E23, E28, E30, E3,2 E34, E36, E38, E39 I made for myself and decided to lay out. On all cars, working optics and dashboards.

Authors: SMOUK2

Test: This mod not tested. - File Details: 408.8 MB / Zip
BeamNG – BMW Car Pack Download Mod

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25 Responses

  1. opoutv g9j says:

    i have problem with the textures of wheels and logos

  2. slicknick924 says:

    Great job! You should upload this to the main website if absolutely nothing is used without permission (I could probably clean up the slots, sounds, and jbeam a little bit).

    • LeonRotYT says:

      Yeah, the JBeam isnt very good cause its still based of the I Series and he didnt made changed the JBeam much, but its an great pack 😀

  3. Jamesbra says:

    @opoutv g9j, clear cache

  4. evalidus says:

    awesome mod best bootleg mod ive ever seen

  5. J says:

    @hai123 then I don’t know whats wrong I can’t help with the body textures:( Sorry.

  6. kevin lee says:

    downloading fail

  7. Maek says:

    what i must to change in Jbeam ??

  8. cHeEEEtOz says:

    there is no boby texture

  9. Mladen says:

    i have a proble how to fix any bmw not have a texture

  10. alex says:

    the download link says that file not found

  11. Dominik says:

    Hi why when i try to download the mod i have comunication the file not found

  12. johny says:

    mod working have your quality to “High” or “normal”. Mod have very good

  13. Lucas says:

    does anyone have the working download like? if so, could you tell me? thanks.

  14. dankboi312 says:

    uhhh I downloaded the mod but the cars don’t show up.

  15. peter says:

    bruh the link is broken, it keeps saying error and shet please fiz that problemo

  16. panda xd says:

    este mod es perfecto le doy 600/600

  17. panda xd says:

    this mod is perfect i give it 600/600

  18. men says:

    jak chcę pobrać ten mod to pisze nie znaleziono pliku

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