BeamNG Drive – Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 1977


Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 1977 Car mod for BeamNG.Drive

The texture and detail of the machine at the highest level. Management Pontiac is very real and you press the gas, as you will feel the power of the motor.

Credits: nik287, 58_Gram

Game Version: BeamNG.Drive
Test: This mod not tested. - File Details: 4.1 MB / Zip
BeamNG Drive – Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 1977 Download Mod

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2 Responses

  1. sawyer says:

    where do i find it in game after downloading it i can’t find it

    • Preston says:

      Click on the mod in the Mod Manager and then click Unpack. This should create a vehicle along with all the other cars that says the file name, click it and it should spawn the car in.

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