BeamNG – Ferrari Purosangue

Ferrari Purosangue car mod for BeamNG.Drive

Great appearance
Excellent salon
Normal damage
Detailed elaboration of headlights, lights, backlights
Your own wheels
Great dashboard
Normal sound
Everything is animated in the cabin
Everything opens, but the buttons are not placed correctly everywhere

Authors: Unlimited | Mods

Game Version: BeamNG.Drive
Test: This mod tested by - File Details: 85.2 MB / Zip
BeamNG – Ferrari Purosangue Download Mod

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4 Responses

  1. Martin says:

    Hey bro how to open the hood

  2. rayyan shah says:

    the mods is good thanks
    and i love it

  3. Erik says:

    this is the best car mod ever, this has the most detail and is the best on this website, pls can you do a ferrari f8 tribute aswell with the same quality, this was insane, best mod EVER.

  4. Dog says:

    this is a very good mod can you do the f8 tribute aswell?

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