BeamNG – Ford Focus SVT (DBW) 2002

Ford Focus SVT (DBW) 2002 car mod for BeamNG.Drive

Authors: Cheekqo

Game Version: BeamNG.Drive
Test: This mod not tested. - File Details: 16.5 MB / Zip
BeamNG – Ford Focus SVT (DBW) 2002 Download Mod

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4 Responses

  1. im downloading the car right now um, does it look cool is there any other mods accsept 1 cus that would be so cool like, race version/street version/city version/car meet version?? please that would be so cool

  2. 4thg4 says:

    how to fix no engine sound: first unzip the zip file and delete the zip file. second move the folder inside the audio folder to the root of the mod folder and delete that audio folder. third rearchive the mod. lastly enjoy! ^^ (also applies to the gtr mod) ask me if youre confused

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