BeamNG – Pagani Huayra

Pagani Huayra car mod for BeamNG.Drive

Authors: gianpiero AlexGTR

Game Version: BeamNG.Drive 0.16
Test: This mod not tested. - File Details: 38.1 MB / Zip
BeamNG – Pagani Huayra Download Mod

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13 Responses

  1. yeet1423 says:

    never seen a better mod these days….

  2. Edward Quintanilla says:

    Just got im testing it

  3. I have a question. Why this car appears with orange glasses? When I put the car, it showed up with orange and in the glass it said “NO COLOR TEXTURE” …..Can you help me?

  4. yo papa suck says:

    yo papa a oil tanker XDDDDDDDDDDD

  5. Yo Mama says:

    I love the look of it BUT it used to sound meaner than before. Now it sounds like the stupid Bolide… Can you fix that?

  6. ViPER&GTRguy says:

    Amazing mod, i had lots of fun and still have lots of fun with this car mod

  7. Gamer says:

    no sound

  8. John DoE says:

    It crashes my game please help!!! Is this mod outdated? Is this mod only work with a few versions?

  9. Eric Jacques says:

    Just installed and tested for about 45 minutes (Still need to go over everything I can strip from the car) and I’m very pleased with the mod all the way around so far . All flaps work as well as all gages and mirrors, and i have not a had a single glitch… yet cross my fingers. How ever, if you have your normal head lights on and try to use your flashers they take up the same light spot so you cant see them. Then the break calipers are like mirrors. Otherwise that’s it for now. I give this mod 8/10 until I’ve finished testing.

  10. NoobinYt says:

    Keeps making my game crash.

  11. Meu says:

    Very good car doesnt have any fking wheels

  12. Quinn says:

    No texture on the windshields and door glass.

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