BeamNG Drive – BTR-80 V2.1 Army Truck

BTR-80 Armoled Personnel Carrier truck mod for BeamNG.Drive

– full adaptation of fashion under the current version of the game
– a completely new skeleton
– added a new diesel engine KAMAZ-740.3 and new 5-speed gearbox
– added a simulation of the exhaust
– own sound of engine
– changed the behavior of the suspension
– fixed a bug where the wheel turns inside out
– added sound the suspension behavior
– changed the tire pressure
– zero-written LUA scripts for moving parts of an armored vehicle
– added support for skins
– added ability to fine-tune the suspension in the tab “Tuning”
– updated content and added Normal mapping

Additional control:
– when you press O (eng.) inspection cover window driver down and climbed
– when holding down F tower rotates to the left
– when holding down the key H (eng.) the tower rotates in the right direction
– if you hold T key (eng.) the gun rises
– when holding down the G gun is lowered
– when you hold the E key (English). armored vehicles to overcome water obstacles

Author: Reactor_4aec

Game Version: BeamNG.Drive
Test: This mod tested by - File Details: 12 MB / Zip
BeamNG Drive – BTR-80 V2.1 Army Truck Download Mod

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