BeamNG Drive – Ford LTD 1968 Car Mod


Ford LTD 1968 Car mod for BeamNG.Drive

ford_ltd_1968_car_02 ford_ltd_1968_car_03

The model is fairly good quality. Has animation parts. Skeleton borrowed. Physics damage is below average (with a strong impact textures bug).

Credits: Carface80, MAD MAX, Roman K, Адам Гунчоков

Game Version: BeamNG.Drive
Test: This mod tested by - File Details: 8.8 MB / Zip
BeamNG Drive – Ford LTD 1968 Car Mod Download Mod

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  1. John O'Flaherty says:

    This is *NOT* a 1968 LTD. I think the author got his numbers inverted. He probably meant to say 1986. That should be changed, so as to not fool people… though the diff between 60’s and 80’s cars is huge enough, that the change is probably a moot point. But in the interest of accuracy… I think it’s worth noting. Ford Motor Company made these small “Fox Body” LTD’s from model years 1983 through 1986.

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