BeamNG – Nissan GT-R Egoist (R35) 2011

Nissan GT-R Egoist (R35) 2011 car mod for BeamNG.Drive

Authors: Cheekqo

Game Version: BeamNG.Drive
Test: This mod not tested. - File Details: 39.7 MB / Zip
BeamNG – Nissan GT-R Egoist (R35) 2011 Download Mod

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10 Responses

  1. امیر says:

    عالی ولی چرا صدا ندارد؟

  2. aseel says:

    where is the engine sound??

  3. John says:

    No enigne sound and some minor stuff. Other than that, best mod ever. I love it

  4. SubaruImpreza says:

    If there is no engine sound, extract the car, then move the “art” folder out of the “audio” folder, then delete the aforementioned folder you moved the “art” out of it. Re-compress the car and you can hear the engine sound.

  5. Erik Abelin says:

    nice werk its is the best GT-R mod ever

  6. Jonathan Geldenhuys says:

    i have a problem with my tires they dont show up but the engines sound

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