BeamNG – PantaRei 4JS1

PantaRei 4JS1 car mod for BeamNG.Drive

Massive 4.2L V8 (423 hp), stretched as far forward as possible and located right behind the bumper. But it is so light that it does not harm the center of mass of this sports sedan, but rather even brings it closer to the center! Since the days of 3JS1, no one will have been wasting power anymore, so the new model got an all-wheel drive. The new 4JS1 engine simply loves high revs and spins up to 8300 rpm! Of the pluses, it also has good responsiveness and excellent fuel efficiency (it also saves – peak efficiency at 4800 rpm). Sports suspension does not make all-wheel drive suffer, but the car is not racing. Therefore, it is prudent to accelerate and brake, to avoid overheating of the brakes.

Authors: PantaRei Motors, Savav

Test: This mod not tested. - File Details: 18.1 MB / Zip
BeamNG – PantaRei 4JS1 Download Mod

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