Which City pass GTA (GRAND THEFT AUTO)?

gta_citiesThe first game of the GTA series Grand Theft Auto passa total of 3 cities: LibertyCity, Vice City and San Andreas.The second game GTA London 1969 passes in 1969. It is in London. The third game of the kids games series, GTA London 1961 is very smilar to London 1969 and has added only Manchester.The series games to according to the GTA2 is quite advanced even than the intro of GTA 1. The game takes place in 2013. The GTA 3 is aGamein which the series passesin 2001.
The GTA 6 Vice City
The GTA 6 Vice City is undoubtedly one of the series’ most colorful game. Although the map is small compared to others on the tiny island, they fit so fun. The game passes in 1986. The GTA 7 San Andreas is one of the series’ best game of the Series. Both the map legend has been with the required tasks are still playing. The game passes in 1992. The GTA 8. game series, which came to the Gameboy Advance Series. Asthe Graphics like GTA 1 butitisitsmixture with GTA 3. The game passes in 2004.
The GTA 9. game series is the version that went out for a PlayStation Game with GTA Liberty City Stories. The GamepassesinLiberty City Games in 1998.The Grand Theft Auto 10. GameSeriesissmilarto Vice City Storiesand Liberty City Stories. GTA isalso called 3D era (GTA 3, VC, SA, LCS, VCS) andisthe last game of the group. Games Vice City and GTA Vice City pass so within 2 years into prior in 1984.GTA IV is the 11th game of the series and second games in the series revolution. Excellent graphics and dazzling in Liberty City in GTA IV is set in since 2008.

GTA IV,whichis 12.GamesintheSeries, is the first expansion pack TLOD 12. Game Liberty City appoints to a different perspective.GTA IV, which 13. game intheSeries with TBOGT 2 and is the latest car games pack. GTA CW series, which isthe 14th game Series, isthe first game for mobilePhone. WecansaythisSeries mixture more GTA 1 and GTA 4. GTA V, which is in the 15th game Series, passesin 2013 in Los Santos (San Andreas).

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